Thursday, November 4, 2010

and the songs go on

thats right I got my hands on a copy of macross f the false songstress the first of two macross f movies that reteale the story of macross f in a completly difrent way I meen rely if you go into this exspecting a compalation like the gundam movies then be perpared to be dead wrong becuse aside from one or 2 evants(witch even thows are sumwhat difrent to the anime) this is a hole new macross f the over all story remans the same alto whants to fly ranka whant to sing shit hits the fan all the normol stuff youed exspet from macross but still this movie is alot better to the origanol anime in so many ways

the first of witch is the art macross F came out when CGI was just becomeing the norm for anime and yes it looked good for its time but the cg valcarys didint quite fit in with the hand drown city when it came toy the tv serres but in this movie evrything looks like it fight right togeather and the fights(however few thare wher) wher great

the next thing on my list is the OST yea what do you exspet its macross ofcors its gana have a nice OST and hell thare are alot of singing songs in the movie Iv must have seen the lirics pop up on screen atlest 10 to 15 times thewout the movie witch I never once mined becuse thar songs I love Il never get tierd of aimo thow one song I wood have loved to hear in this movie was missing and that was triangel the first OP from the anime I understand why its not thare but still it wood have been nice to throw it in but other then that no real complaints

along with the songs and art the animation quolaty was amazing aswell then again I was waching it in 1080P so evrything was alredy going to look great but the fights realy wher brout up to a hole new level with this that it cud never get wen it first came out on tv it got so visholy intens that at one pont I had to puse it so I cud let my eyes rest a bit

ovcorse not evrything in this movie is good it sufers from random cuts meening that people end up places with no rime or reson for instens in the movie after ranka has a fight with ozuma about her singing and she runs off we get a cut to him being in a car with Cathy whar in the prier seen he was in his house how or why he gets into the car will be a complet lose to anyone who hasent seen the anime other then that this movie relly stands on its own 2 feet

over all I have to say fly out and find this movie and watch it if your a fan of macross and if this is your first introduction to macross then I say go back and watch from the first serres and come back becuse youl be better off that way and speeking of old macross anime in the prevews for the next movie we are treted to sumthing rely cool a VF-1s in niki basaras color skeem what this meens I have no clue but if basara shows up to sing with sherly and ranka I will litaraly shit bricks

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