Saturday, December 11, 2010

the love story of a man a women and 12 katanas

I know the title of the post is stupid but its rely the best way to discrib this OVA in under 12 words

okay guys I just finished what is quite pasably the best OVA I have ever watched it tuk a year to finish(as in the last ep was relesed this munth) and I rely did not whant it to end but as the saying go's all good things must come to a end I gess that go's for stuff as great as katanagatari as well

like I sed this OVA is great and thats manly due to its story witch comes from it being a OVA based on one of Nisio, Isin who is also the Author of the light novel
Bakemonogatari(it two have a rely good OVA) but the funny thing is if you where just going by the Synopsis of the OVA and had no prier info on ishin's other works you mite just look this over I know I almost did and if you dont beleve me read it for yourself
"A swordfight story taking place in Edo era (17th - 19th century). Yasuri Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyoutou school of Japanese sword martial arts and lives in Fushou Island with his sister Nanami. With the order from a female samurai general Togame, he sets out for a trip to collect the twelve treasured swords created by the legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki."

if you wher going by this alone it just sounds like a ganaric samurai anime but the story in its full is so good that the first ep draws you in and dusint let go till well after the end credits of the last ep and to show you what I meen Im wrighting this review up at 2:10 AM EST and I finished this ep at 12:00 AM EST what have I been doing for thows 2 hours crying my fucking eyes out just thinking of what I whent thew watching this 12 ep OVA(amung other events that happend that will not be menchuned) in this last ep all the emotions I felt thew the 11 preveuse EPs just fluded back at the end of this the story for this OVA is so good I cant put it on a 1-10 rating Id have to use my good fraind cloudsoras rating scaland give this a 13 for OVAs I rely cant think of a OVA that has a story that even cpms close to katanagatari's and yes that includes gundam

but we all now a story alone dusint make a OVA good you also need a good cast and I have to say thar isint a singol cast member I ether didint like or at lest respected them for thar convictions and thats 30+ Characters but my absalut favrets are without a dout Shichika and togame oh god a anime reviewer that love tha main cast members thats new hate on me all you whant but this two just work off eachother so well even when this OVA gets dialog heviy (witch it duse alot) the faceol reactions and body jesters work so well that you cant help but get cout up in the moment and this is only added when you facter in thar persanalatys togame being the brains of the outfit and Shichika being the brons it rely just works manly becuse Shichika in the begining of the story is dumb as a sack of bricks when it come to comen nolige but yet still sarp as a take when it comes to fighting(call it the goku facter)and ofcorse with her great brain togame comes off as a know it all but I have to say its so fucking cute how she acts when shes acholy pruven wrong or when Shichika ponts out sumthing she missed so with persanalatys like this can you blame me for loveing them

and speeking of loveing I absalutly love the sound trak of this OVA the OPs the ends the BGMs evry part of it is great the ops get you pumped for the ep from witch the BGMs draw you in to the story from how well they match the mood of the seen a well as do a good jobof merging into one a nother during a ep I can housitly say I cudint tell when one began and another ended they just blend so well and ofcorse the ending duse a great job of cooling your hot blood down after a great fight

and I have to say thar are sum fucking great fights in this OVA even for being a dialog heviy show the scripting for the fight seens are top noch the animemation is smoth without any giters or random cut aways the battel dialog is ushaly straight forwerd and to the pont but at the same time with certen chariters have deeper meenings to them that make you think over all thar was not a singol fight I didint absalutly love

now despite how mutch prase Iv been singing about this OVA it duse have sum problemsfirst off yes its a vary dialog heviy show each ep is about a hour long and a good 60 to 80% of each ep is talking for me I rely didint care becuse I love the non fighting seens as mutch as the fighting ones but for the vewers hat are looking for a havy action show will probly not have the atenchun span to watch this OVA the next thing is the art yeat another think I absalutly love but I can see how sum people will be put off by the chariter desings as they are abnormol to say the lest so if your looking for chatiers that look as detalid as say monsters you defanetly will not be happy with the art

over all I have to say go and watch this OVA even if thars one or two things you may not like about it Im posativ you will find atlest 12 things you love(number pun fully intended) so mutch so that if it duse come to the US(witch I rely hope it duse) you will probly be like me and be whating outside whating for the mail to arive to get your copy of the blu-ray dics regardless of the weather now with that sed I must go now and marathon all 12 eps of this amazing OVA again

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