Thursday, December 9, 2010

a never ending nightmare

to thows who know me its no secret that I love horror movies Iv seen all the greats friday the 13th halloween and of corse the nightmare on elm street movies witch is what Il be talking about in this review yea yea I know your thinking WTF 2 none anime related posts one after another well sorry but dispite what people on the net may think I do like stuff other then anime and I like to talk about them from time to time

now for on to the review a nightmare on elm street is a re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.(I know so origanol right) let me get out of the way and say if you seen one nightmare on elm st youv pretty moch seen them all including this one all the movies fallow a simaler pater kids sleep krueger kills kids find way to kill krueger rins wash repet the only reson to watch them all is to see how krueger kills thes people this is ware this move acholy meets its first down fall thars no real inmaganativ kills in this movie its all krueger just slashing and stabing no morphing no makeing sumone into a humen pupet nuthing

my next problem with this movie is the new look and actor for krueger the origanol krueger was played by Robert Englund as was evry krueger up till this new moview war they desied to go with Jackie Earle Haley
now dont get me wrong haley did a good job but he rely dusint have the krueger voice as englund did when I was watching the old elm st movies for the first time I alwas had nightmares thanks to englunds voice the raspyness of it rely pushed the fact that this guy was burnd alive ware as haleys voice relly didint do it for me his krueger vocie and is rachar voice are one and the same and yes the voice was raspy but it just wasint the same as when englund played krueger

the same gos for the face the new krueger looks fare to humen there was fare to much unburnt skin for my likeing and his nose was far to flat and ofcorse its not just the voice and the face that off about the new krueger is alot of the sutol movments and finger twiches that are gon it use to be any time you saw kruger talking he wood be flicking a finger or his wrist but in this movie we only see the twich once and its no so mutch a twich as it is him makeing a threat witch was a big turn off for me

thow even with thouse problems I do have to say it still feels like a nightmare on elm st movie and I do sagest that anyone who likes horror movies to atlest give it a trie

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