Tuesday, January 18, 2011

beginners guide to buying anime part 1(where and how to buy)

hey guys it me otaku nick and this post i will be talking a detour from my normal reviews in order to post sum thing that will help the new fans to anime among otaku homes readers this seres of posts will be made in between my normal posts and will focus on helping the new fan learn what anime are good ideas to buy and what ones are better left alone as well as give you tips on when and where to buy anime at great deals

so lets get started first off do not trust best buy to have a good selection of anime in the past 5 years iv seen the anime section in my local best buy dwindle from 3 isles to less then 5 cramped rows this will probable vary from store to store but your better off going to a store that deal in comics and or other subcultural like Newbury comics or sumthing along thows lines thay may not alwas have more but i can say from exsperic thay ushaly have better quolaty stuff and for much better prices

aside from chain stores look to your local comic shops thows at the varry list will have manga among other merch as well such as models figurs wall scrolls ECT amd if they dont thay may be willing to order them for you if you yourself dont know whar to find them online

speeking of buying online thar are plenty of stores to do that one online store i use all the time is rightstuff they offer great deals you if you know how to look for them in the bargen bin section you cud find anything in that from DVDs under 2$ to plushy

another place to buy is at conventions now this is where you need to be carfull it is extremely easy to go over Bord my first time at anime boston i blew 200$ on crap so hear are my 5 rules for buying at a con

1. make a shopping list this will help you know what you rely want to get and once you have that out of the way you are free to fined other stuff wall at the same time getting what you wanted

2. know your shopping days at a con you want just be spending all your time in the dears room in most cons the first two day are full of stuff to do and the last day is usually slow so use that to your advantage get the stuff on your list the first day and go back on the last day to see if you can find sum great deals

3. look all around the dealers room be for buying anything you may com across sum stuff on your list right off the bat don not buy it right away look around first you may find it cheaper

4. get the stuff that will sell out the quickest first and the slowest last stuff like animation cells sell like hot cakes and if your looking for stuff like that be shore thats what you get first because i can guarantee you they will not be there at the end of the day where as stuff like DVDs can be held off on due to the fact that they ushaly sell slower

5.remember food is just as in portent as merch if you want to buy sum thing but all you have left is food money you need to way your options id what you want to buy rely worth not eating

know is you fallow this tips you will be well on your way to knowing what, whare and how to buy anime and anime merch in the next part will will be giving you a run dwon on anime and manga i feel shod be in every anime fans colection and what ones shod be avowed like the black death

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