Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new release formate for Eden of the est and ga rei zero

Over the past few days, Eden of the East: King of Eden and Ga-Rei-Zero both received changes to their release formats. Instead of the standard DVD and Blu-Ray releases, the titles will be released in combination packs.

this is not sum thing you see all to often in anime in Live action movies yea you see it all the time but not rely in anime i for one think this is a good idea it allows the people who have made the switch to BRD(blue ray disc) and the ones who haven't both get the seres but at the same time

how ever i cant help but think this release will be massively expansive compared to a standard release of ether BRD or DVD by them selfs but ether way i am looking forward to this because as of right now i haven't made the switch to BRD but i do intend to do so because more and more anime BRD have ENG subs already in them yea they may not be the best looking but there better then nothing

so what i am string to say is if you can go out and buy these releases when thy come out i know i will be

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