Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gundam 00 awakening of the trailblazer

dont let the name fool you becuse this movie awakened nuthing in fact it was quite bland over all and didint rely fell like a gundam movie espesholy twords the end

hers a quic run down of the story its about 2 years after the events of season 2 and the EFG(earth federation guverment) has set its sites beond earth and into deep space perparing the massiv space cruser Celestial Being for a intersteler voig but a masterus foow from juperter has difret plains atacking people who have the trats of inovaters

i know invaders from jupiter what is this nadesico sadly now you see this movie thow still good dusint feel anything like a gundam movie if they tuck the gundam out and replased then with any other giant robot you woodint be abel to tell the difrince this is juat your run of the mill sci-fi anime movie

now with my thouts on the story dune lets move on the the tech aspect on this movie it looks great i watched it 2 times once in 480P and once in 720P and i can say it look good in bolth high and low rezalution but if i had to chus id go with the 720P it looks slitely better then its 480P conterpart

i have to say i am a fan of the OST thar wer sum rely good songs and BGMs but then agen its rare for me not to like a OST as long as its not to hip hopy or popy il probly like it

im not a fan of the art style thow this is sumthing i neverd liked from season 1 in not a fan of bishoen chariter desings i just dont think they belong in gundam anime

so my final thouts are this isint sumthing you need to run out and see but at the same time you dont need to avode it like the plage this time it its just do as you feel i gave it a 8 becuse i just pretended i wasint watching gundam and watched it as any other sci-fi anime movie so do as you like

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