Friday, January 27, 2012

otakunicks thoughts on nisemonogatari

hey guys otakunick hear to bring you guys yet another first thoughts on this time its shafts new anime nisemonogatari. This may sound fermiler to you and it shud because its a Sequel anime to one of shafts most popular anime Bakemonogatari witch was adapted from Nisio, Isin(story) and Vofan's (Art) light novel back in 2006 since then more anime from thare work have come out namely katanagatari but all the fans wanted to know when wed be able to see Araragi and friends again well shaft just gave us the answer tho i have to say I was expecting the Prequel Kizumonogatari to come out first since that was the one they kept advertising this anime rely came out of left field but oh well even if this one came out first i know Kizumonogatari will come out sooner or later hell with the way this series is we mite just see a nekomonogatari adaptation as well but lets get right donw to thinsgs

first off the story since this is a sequel to bakemonogatari I dont rely have much to talk about aside for whats happaing now in the story but if you never watched the first anime go back and check out my review of bakemonogatari but other then that this is whats going on The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before. so yea this story deals with Araragi's sister as they trake down and tire to ceach kaiki but Im shore we all know how thats going to turn out for them

aside from the story thare are two other in portent factors that rely make monogatari story so worth wail to watch and thats the art and music which in thare own was make this show worth the wath even if youv never heard of the anime befor but I cant rely do them justes with words so Im going pull a rely big cop out and just put up the first 2 OPs for you to watch ad see what I meen when I say this animes art and music will have you waching this show in no time

now with that all sed and dune all i have to say is give this show a watch is youv alredy seen the preveus one if you havent seen bakemonogatari I say watch that then watch this till next time guys

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