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On Thursday, Enterbrain's Weekly Famitsu magazine unveiled all three modes of the YF-30 Chronos, the new transformable fighter designed by Macross co-creator Shoji Kawamori that will make its debut in next February's Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe game for the PlayStation 3. The fully-rendered Fighter mode was already shown in last week's promotional video. Now then let me be the first to say Im not all that thriled by the new desing I meen I know most of the valcarys look simaler but this one just looks to much like the VF-25 for my tast and i see this as a step backwords in desing from the YF-29

Weekly Famitsu also introduced some of the different kinds of sub-quests that players can accept through the game's Valkyrie Guild: delivery, threat suppression, bounty hunting, and escort. The magazine highlighted the game's original paint schemes for the earlier variable fighters: VF-25, YF-29, and VF-1S. The new schemes are available as bonus extras in the limited "30th Anniversary Super Galaxy Box" edition and in pre-ordered copies of the game.

The game has two types of controls: the Type A modeled after the controls in such games as the PSP's Macross Trial Frontier and the PlayStation 3 mini-game Macross Last Frontier, and the Type B that allows the player to manually move the weapons lock-on cursor for pinpoint accuracy. The game's Easy setting (the loweest of the three difficulty levels) has an auto combat feature; when a novice toggles the feature on during the game, an AI will take over the controls and automatically fight the battle.

The brand-new story of this 30th-anniversary Macross title is set in 2060, 50 years after the Space War I conflict seen in the first Macross series and one year after the Vajra War seen in Macross Frontier. Above the planet Ouroboros in the far reaches of the galaxy, S.M.S. pilot Rion Sagaki (voiced by Miyu Irino) is suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy and shot down in his transformable variable fighter VF-25. There, he is rescued by the heroine Aisha Blanchett (Marina Inoue), the young Zentradi head of S.M.S.'s branch on Ouroboros.

Due to the intermittent space-fold faults known as "Ouroboros Aurora," Rion cannot immediately return home. He joins Aisha in investigating the planet's ruins, and while on an underground survey there, the two discover a sleeping girl named Miina Forte (Miss Macross 30 contest winner Haruka Chisuga). He later encounters his rival and former friend, pilot Rod Barutomaa (Mamoru Miyano) of the New U.N. Forces' special unit Hávamál.

The game will arrive in Japan on February 28 in standard and limited first editions, and both have about 113 minutes of voice actor interviews, as well as the in-game CG movies "Burning Fire" and "Get it on-Flying Rock" from the earlier Macross Ultimate Frontier and Macross Triangle Frontier games.

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