Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So you want to be a Anime reviewer

Hey guys OtakuNick hear this time I am not hear for news or even a review tho dont worry I do have a review coming in the next 3 days or so. No I hear today to talk to all you would be anime reviewers you see recently I watched a few reviews of sum anime on youtube from a PhDmanchild . Now mind you I am not a pro reviewer I dont get payed to do this even with the ads on my site I only make like 50cet a month or so. But I try to conduct my self as if this was my job I.E I take time and research the subject to give you guys a good review. But all I could think of when watching PhDmanchilds reviews where dos he even review this stuff.

So with that I have desied to post sum tips to all you would be reviewers. first things first take your time and do your researc. If you dont research what your reviewing then your review will not be as good. Now Im not saying you need to know everything thar is to know about all the stuff you review but knowing  when it was made and witch company makes it will help.

Next up take your time I see so many new reviewers try to cram what should be a ten minutes review into 2 maybe 3 minutes on youtube or summarize everything in one paragraph. Its not a race people you have 15 minutes on youtube and for you posting on blogs and websites unless they say other whys your post can be a long as you want tho keep it withing reson no one wants to read a wall of text.

And last thing to try is to review in segments I tend to brake my reviews into parts. For thows that red my blog a lot you have probably already notes my reviews fallow the same lay out at the one below this is. this makes it easyer for you the poster to read the review for instenc sum of my reders might want to know what I think of the art of a serten anime but not what I think of the story or music well since all my reviews are layed out like they are that reader can just skip down to that part. Now for you on youtube you can use the segmented review format to your advatig as well espesholy if your in the habet of editing your vids. all you need to do is record all the parts sepret and then cut them togeather. This is helpfull in more then one way first it alows you to take a barke and sound less winded from talking in your vids. It can also help you plan out the vid langth if you know how much time you have to work with and how much you have to cover if you record each segment sepret you can just do the math befor hand.

(review templet)
.story overview
.voice work
.final thoughts

So yea I hope I helped sum of you in your queast into becoming reviewers and if you rely dont care about reviewing I hope you show this to sumone who is well till nets time bye


lpf said...


Is this a joke?

otakunick said...

not rely a joke just had to kill time till tomarow since thare realy wasint any intaresting news yesterday