Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy birthday macross (the big 30)


 Well today is the macross franchises 30 birthday so I thought I make a post about it. Im not going to review the animes as I have alredy done so see otakunick anime reviews (Macross Frontier: sayonara tsubasa) , and the songs go on , bomber do you remember appelsthis macross is far from a zero, and fighter jets aliens and singing oh my to read reviews of all the macross animes and most of the movies. Because this post isint about review this anime hell I dont care if you even watch any of them this post is souly to thank macross and its creater Kawamori, Shoji for all the fun anime to watch.

  Now then normaly Id be celebrating a mile stone like this by marathoneing one of the shows I have not wached Like I did for gundams 30th. But sadly i cant do that as I have seen all of macross so insted hear I am giving thanks for such a great mecha franchis. So thank you kawamori you have us fighter jets that turn in to robots giant warmongering aliens and you made mari iijima one of the most well known pop stars among mecha fanboys oh and you also gave us missile spam thank you so much I wish you the best.



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